The volunteer group Pioneer one is held for one week, usually in July & runs from Saturday to Saturday, it takes adult men with disabilities to Woodlarks Campsite Trust in Farnham Surrey.
Woodlarks Campsite has all the basics you’ll need, plus a few luxuries including an outdoor heated pool, and a dormitory building fully equipped with everything needed to assist a person with disabilities.

Helpers provide all of the personal care for Campers (disabled holiday-ers) and also supply all of the entertainment. Helpers write & produce a show, build scenery & make costumes. We also enjoy karaoke, a disco & a banquet! The week’s activities are based round the theme for the year and participation is the key to everyone having the best holiday possible.

Don’t worry if you have never looked after a person with disabilities before, there is plenty of old hands around to show you the ropes & help you find your feet. You will be expected to help with all aspects of camp life, including chores, but with everyone mucking in these don’t take long. We have a Cookhouse crew that cook up all meals & do a marvelous job, & a Housekeeping team that take care of laundry and such.

We fundraise to make Pioneer One possible & affordable to all, & all ideas will be gratefully received. If there is anything else we can help you with please get in touch.