Gold Award Residential Opportunities.

Pioneer One  are able to offer you the opportunity to complete this section of your award.
The Duke Of Edinburgh Award scheme specifies the following:

“This section requires you to undertake a shared activity or specific course in residential setting away from home and in an unfamiliar environment. The project should be at least five days in duration”.

You will have to opportunity to meet new people, build new relationship and work as  part of a team towards a shared goal. It is expected that you will normally require a briefing or training prior to and during the residential period so that you are able to contribute fully and get the full benefit of the experience. Typical residential settings include youth hostels, sailing ships, activity centres or specific camps. Staying with friends in their own homes is not suitable. It is important that wherever you go for your residential experience, it should be of your own choice, and you are not gaining financially by taking part.”

Pioneer One meets all these requirements; however, due to the nature of our camp, we ask that you undertake a full week’s commitment from Saturday to Saturday (7 nights). This ensures that you gain the most from your experience with us and that the disabled participants receive a continuous flow of care.